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Energy Casino, a popular UK-based gaming platform recently announced that they had increased gaming options on their platform through the addition of Live Gaming. Early last year, the casino operator struck a deal with Extreme Live Gaming Company where it would see EnergyCasino adding live dealer games onto their platform for purposes of extending their game selection.


Extreme Live Gaming, which is part of Novomatic Group, has been known to supply some of the most exciting live dealer games on the internet. This deal has definitely expanded the capacity of, and now the gambling operator is proud to have added 12 more new games on its platform.


The live gaming options


The live gaming options that were added onto the platform included live baccarat, 3 live blackjack games, 7 live roulette tables, and Super6 games. These games went live immediately, and customers from the UK were able to play them as soon as this announcement was made. Unfortunately, these games could only be played by customers who were accessing the site from the UK.


However, Energy Casino insisted that their main goal was to cater for customers on a global scale, and the fact that they were restricting live dealer games to customers from the UK was something that should have been seen as a temporary setback.


True to their word, this gambling operator has been adding new titles almost on a monthly basis. For example, in January last year, the casino operator added new slot titles from Wazdan. Wazdan is popularly known for offering its content to Polish customers. This was the first time they were going main stream by teaming up with Energy Casino to reach an international audience.


While commenting on the addition of live games onto their platform, the Country Manager of Energy Casino, Dan Hurley, said that they were very excited to introduce new games onto their platform which would benefit both their existing and future customers. He expressed his gratitude, while touching on the casino’s main agenda which would be to ensure that all customers were getting a good gaming experience on the platform.


This is definitely a good contract because it adds to the already flourishing series of games which the brand is offering on the internet.


Mr. Hurley took the position of UK’s country manager for the company early last year. Nevertheless, this was a strategic plan which the casino operator said was a re-affirmation that they were committed to work with their UK-based affiliate partners as well as the country’s gambling market in general.


His background


Mr. Hurley worked at BetSocial as an overseer of the brand’s marketing and affiliate activities. But this is not the only gambling company that he has worked with. Among the companies which he has held similar positions include Mansion, GuruPlay, YouWin among several other entities within this field.


This is evidence that he has a considerable amount of experience on his back, and is able to steer Energy Casino in the right direction as far as this contract is concerned.


Even though Energy Casino operates from Malta, it runs its business under a UK Gambling Commission license. Lately, the company has been looking to increase its presence within the UK market. They recently revamped their affiliate program and even signed a number of partnerships in the country. This is a sign that EnergyCasino is ready to fulfill the needs of its audience by offering what their players would like to see.


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There are a wide range of games available within these online casinos and these replicate the popular games that you would find in a real casino. Games such as roulette, blackjack and poker are all available, as well as a wide range of slot machine games. There are many popular slot machine games now available to enjoy, and one of these is known as the flame dancer slot games. These have become incredibly popular throughout the casinos and can be played within the online casinos as well.

The flame dancer slot games offer a great way for individuals to enjoy the fun and excitement of a real slot machine but you can do so for real money or for pretend money from the comfort of your own home. The game is available at many different online casinos and you can choose which casino you decide to sign up with if you want to play the game. For more information visit the web and search for the flame dancer slot games.

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