Interactive bonus features in Online Slot Game

Wow! The variety of bonus features in the online slot machine games are numerous, varied and exciting. It never ceases to amaze me, what I found embedded in a newly released online slot game. The brick and mortar casinos could never compete with the variety you see online is. Of coarse all slot games begin with the traditional spinning reels, whether they are 3 or 5 reels with 3 or 50 paylines. If 3 or more scatter or bonus symbols make the show begins. From one minute to turn AUTO to immediately make decisions with places to go and see things. There is horse racing, vampires and his Hot City complete with a taxi service. Allow me to two different types of topics can be found these days go online to your favorite Mac compatible no download casino.A PICK ME – For example, you meet 3 scatter symbols on one line, and find themselves in a room full of Dracula’s coffin. Or you appear next to the dragon was fast asleep next to his nest with eggs. You will be prompted to select the row of coffins, or eggs, to see what value is the price on the inside. Click, click, click, and I’m gaining coins all the time. But if you pick the wrong then ends the bonus game feature. But before you lift up your head back to the grinding of the eggs or other unopened coffins. This is where I get frustrated sometimes. Apart from my choice of 100 coins, a 5000-coin win. Darn! I missed it again. But I’ll never forget, last week, when I hit the only 6000 coin egg in the nest. There is nothing like good, clean rush from slot machines.PSEUDO REULETT – Ah! The spinning wheel is always fun. Once you show your 3 bonus or scatter symbols on an active payline, the bonus features enable is activated. Then enter a carousel type configuration of a type r others. Have a shopping bonus feature as an example. You are sitting in a showroom full of shoes in shoeboxes normal. They are before you put in a half circle. A light speeds beyond the circle of the shoes in a circular motion. You will be asked to click when it is a good time to think. Slowly the light carousel to a halt on one of the boxes of shoes. If it appears on a nice pair of country a winning amount. The victory is added to your stash, and the light it begins to orbit again. After a few clicks and holds you quite a few boxes that are empty. When the light stops on an empty field the game is over and collect your winnings. But before you spin again … comes the moment of truth. The shoes have not been selected to show their value.Well .. There are many, many more styles and can play interactive games on the slots you. There are: RACE CRIME SOLVINGMACH UPSMULTI STAGEDPENCIL BATTLE GAMES SHOOT OUTS. Time does not allow me to go into all of them. Maybe some other time. But let me add that these interactive online slots slot machines have brought in a new era. The most avid slot enthusiast have been through these new styles. Play online slot machines will never be the same again.