Magnolia Bluffs ATM Machine Goes Crazy

Bonus Unibet review: We all have memories of cold breezy days walking along the pier in some remote seaside town; the smell of the salty sea air, and the allure of the warmth that the arcade used to entice you into its clutches. Once inside you were dazzled by an input of sound and sight. You reached into your pockets to search for coins but only found notes. You head to the change machine and slip in your bill and you feel like a winner as your 2 or 10p coins clatter at the bottom of the tray.

Imagine if you scooped your hands into the tray and came out with £1 coins instead of 2p coins? Imagine is you fed £1 coins into the machine and were fed £100 in return? Far fetched? Dreamlike? Well that’s exactly what happened to gamblers in a casino in Natchez, Mississippi and the end results have not been very dreamlike at all!

The Magnolia Bluffs Casino is located on the banks of the famous Mississippi river. It contains 580 video slot machines, 10 table games and a restaurant, buffet and bar. It also contains an ATM change machine that gives you $100 bills instead of $1 bills!

It is believed that a loading error lead to punters receiving $100 bills instead of $1 bills. It is unknown how many people benefited, or how much, was actually lost, but a statement from the Natchez Police Department has made it very clear that it believes this is a felony. In fact, they are proposing that anyone who took the $100 bills could be arrested and charged with grand larceny.

It is believed that the Police and the Casino are pouring over hours of surveillance footage from the night of the machines irregularity.