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Topless Waitress in Melbourne

Working As A Topless Waitress in Melbourne

Posted by Darcy Lightfoot on

Have you been to a topless waitress Melbourne at the restaurant before? If you have ticed one before you should know it is quite different from the normal setup. Normally you are tipped only when you are sitting down. However, topless waitresses are used to liaising with a massive number of customers, usually poker night, club night, or corporate functions so whether you own a high-class club, poker table, or girl’s night out, they will mingle with patrons and ensure it is a night to remember forever.

Working As A Topless Waitress in Melbourne

Topless girls as waitress

Topless waitresses work in any establishment where girls are waiting on customers. In clubs, pubs, and restaurants they work as strip runners. That means they are responsible for moving people off tables and also ensuring no customers slip through the lap of a stripper. If they are smart enough they will even get lucky and catch a few random guys checking out a girl’s corset or trying to grope for a breast in a swimsuit.

How did we come to learn about the existence of a topless waitress? Well, one day a friend asked me where I could go topless in Melbourne and asked me for a tip. I told him I wasn’t sure and had ticed a few places so I went home and started looking. I was surprised to find a topless waitress in the corner of a bar. Noticing her I said, “What are you doing?”

She told me she works at a topless club. I asked what she did there and she said she was a girl’s entertainer for the weekend and part of the crowd. She explained she likes to dance all night with the girls in the club and when she wasn’t dancing was making the girls come to an end by dancing for them. I was really impressed that she had the nerve to charge the customers for drinks without charging them for being a topless waitress.

My friend was interested in learning more about the topless waitress and the club she worked at. She wasn’t interested in going to a topless club though because she wanted to see what it was like to be a stripper. She also wanted to find out how much they charged for the entertainment.

We went to a girls’ club for the first time. She was gorgeous. In fact, it was kind of embarrassing to be standing next to her because she looked exactly like a man. The girls who came to the club were all beautiful, all gorgeous. They were all in their twenties or thirties and each of them was wearing a nice short dress.

Melita was our waitress there the night we went. She was very nice and did everything she could to make our night’s even better. When we ordered food and took our drink orders, she said nothing is wrong. She just wants to work there and earn a good paycheck.

She gave us both a discount on our drinks and was patient with our requests. She didn’t judge anyone and treated every customer like he or she was someone new. It is hard being a topless waitress in Melbourne, Australia. It is even harder being a real one.

A topless waitress in Melbourne isn’t really something you would wish for. Most of the girls there are not attractive at all. You will see lots of beautiful women there, but they are all thin with nothing to show off about. They might have a great body, but no one will take the time to notice because they don’t have an appealing body.

What the topless waitress in Melbourne doesn’t know is that all the girls in the club were flattered when they paid the small fee they asked for. That’s how they get paid. Most of the girls there are from the Philippines and other Asian countries. They earn less money than the western girls who work at the club. Even some of the older ones started as waitresses in clubs before becoming topless waitresses in the topless clubs.

Working As A Topless Waitress in Melbourne

Finnal Through

So it’s hard being a topless waitress in Melbourne. It’s not like you can dance around doing pole dancing on the customers. Plus, you probably won’t be getting any tips. You will be doing a lot of talking and waiting. This is good work if you want to make some extra money, but you have to be prepared for the rude customer or the random girl trying to flirt with you.